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Do you feel there’s more inside of you than you’ve been able to give? You know you haven’t reached your full potential but don’t know what to do about it. The things you’ve tried have not yet brought the results you want, and now you’re wondering…

How can I be more effective at living my life, loving my relationships and supporting others without exhausting and compromising myself?

Your Human Design Blueprint is like a roadmap to make your unique contribution in life. It holds the codes of your life path and purpose, your core strengths, and how you’re designed interact with others in the most influential way.

Your Human Design Blueprint reveals how you’re equipped to take the journey through your human experience. It’s like having an operator’s manual for your body and mind.

Happy Clients

“Sandy is amazing. She tailors each session by asking what it is you need at the start of the session. She is organized and focused and really makes you feel like she’s your personal spiritual support system… (Sandy) is genuinely invested in you getting the information you’re looking for and helping you interpret that information in a way that allows you to take actionable steps to improve your life.

Shelley B,

Family Therapist

I felt like you really got what I was struggling with and intuited at what level I was in my understanding of my (Human Design) chart… the way you explained aspects of my chart felt very expert while at the same time conscientious of my beginner level. I felt like I got a solid general overview and in-depth, detailed insights at the same time.”

Eddie S,

Professional Certified Coach

“Sandy’s knowledge of Human Design, her insight into how people work, and her wisdom all combined to help me understand more about how I function.

Rochelle M,

Author & Writing Coach

“I liked the upbeat, conversational, flexible approach to the session. I felt like a got some concrete tips, and you were open to addressing what I was interested in. It was a nice back and forth.”

Krista K,



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