Your Journey Begins With Knowing Who You Are

Who You Are

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Coach, Healer, Counselor, Therapist

You want to serve your clients at the highest level because your work is not just a job. It’s a calling. You want to be at your best so that you offer the best to all that you serve.

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Parent, Partner, Caregiver

You want to understand and uplift those you love. You recognize that strong relationships are built on acceptance and authenticity. It’s important to support your loved ones to be themselves.

Spiritual Entrepreneur

You’re ready to do business your way, without the hustle and grind. You’re committed to making a living by making a difference in the world and you know that your impact comes from being 100% who you were meant to be.

Your Guide

Sandy R Freschi (3/5 Splenic Projector)

Sandy Freschi was certified as a Level 4 Human Design Specialist by Karen Curry Parker in 2015. After receiving her initial training from Karen, Sandy studied from a variety of different sources… to include the “Living Your Design” program from the International Human Design School, “Gene Keys” by Richard Rudd, Foundational Classes for business and Human Design from the BG5 Business Institute, 64 Keys Human Design Genius Report and others.

Sandy takes an eclectic approach to her ever-deepening understanding of the complex system of Human Design and believes that the wisdom of Human Design is already encoded within us. She strives to make the information in the system as accessible as possible, so that you can easily apply it to your life and unlock your own truth and genius.

Sandy R Freschi

Human Design Consultant & Intuitive Guide

Before Human Design

Sandy is also a veteran of the United States Navy, who resigned her commission to pursue a career in massage therapy. While transitioning from massage therapy (the first time), Sandy became an energy healer, and for a time, was a Quantum Touch instructor. She is also a trained intuitive and channel who works with the akashic records and the energetic streams of consciousness that best serve her clients when they’re searching for clarity about their life situations. Sandy brings her varied background and knowledge into her work with Human Design. It helps her to connect with others in ways that just looking at the chart cannot do.

Professional Life Beyond Human Design

Sandy is also a professional intuitive and channel who works with the akashic records to help others heal and shift into their Divine nature. As an intuitive, Sandy has developed a program for budding mystics and spiritual seekers to receive regular energetic support within a remote group container. You can check out her program known as “Shift” HERE.

Sandy’s Passion

Sandy’s passion is to serve and share from her experience, and to inspire others to find their passion and gifts for serving as well.

“I feel so supported, healed and guided. I know what I can do now to move on to my desired outcome.”

Bingz Huang

Writer, Healer, Gentleness Ambassador

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