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Sandy Freschi is a Human Design blueprint consultant and a professional intuitive who sees into your soul and shows you the way to your personal brilliance and power.

Her healing presence and wise voice help you to establish a connection and balance between your soul essence and human nature. By working with her, you become truly empowered to live as a divine being having an amazing human experience.

Sandy works with visionary entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers who recognize that they have gifts to share and want to bring them out to make a positive change in the world.

What You Need to Know About Us

a.k.a. You and Me

Growth oriented
Soulful and sensitive
Visionary of change
Wanting to make a difference with your gifts
Spiritual, creative and possibly entrepreneurial
3/5 splenic projector
On a soul mission to bring light to the planet
Gifted in healing and balance
Naturally helps people optimize and make sense of life
Professionally trained intuitive and Human Design Specialist

“I feel so supported, healed and guided. I know what I can do now to move on to my desired outcome.”

Bingz Huang

Writer, Healer, Gentleness Ambassador

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Jonesborough, TN


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