Activate Your Healing Powers

for beginning and seasoned healers to elevate your abilities to a higher level

Feeling Overwhelmed By the Chaos of Life?

The time is now! Unleash your power to rise above the stress of life, strengthen your natural healing abilities, and empower your intuitive capacity.

You’ve probably been experiencing it. You feel an urgency to call forth and use your gifts to make a difference in the world. And yet you’re overwhelmed and confused about what you can do that would make an impact without draining too much of your energy.

You’ve probably tried using your talents to help others, only to find yourself sidelined by exhaustion, burnout, and trauma from the harshness that you experienced. And then you just backed off, hoping to find a better way. Perhaps you’re feeling stalled and stuck and unable to move your life forward.

Do any of these situations ring true?

  • It’s harder than it used to be to manage your stress
  • You get caught up in outside distractions that waste your energy and wear you out
  • You have nagging little health challenges that distract you from feeling well
  • You’re hypersensitive to other people’s pain
  • You can’t seem to get traction in an area of life that’s important to you
  • You’re waking up to your spiritual gifts and want to know how to use them

Imagine being immune to the stress that makes you feel like you can’t move forward

  • Your health and wellbeing improve
  • You have more energy to enjoy your life
  • Your intuition gets stronger
  • You aren’t negatively affected by other people’s pain
  • You become a healing presence for the people around you
  • You take courageous actions that bring real world results because you trust your life force and divine connection as you create the future of your dreams
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A two part interactive online workshop to become a powerful healing presence in the world

Part 1 – Activate the Physical and Energy Bodies

Part 2 – Activate the Higher Self Connection

November 6th & 13th

10:00 am – 12:00 pm Eastern

Regular Price – $250

Early Bird 20% Off


*It’s best to attend this workshop as a live participant. If you’re not able to make it, you will receive recordings of each meeting.

Gain These Skills

  • Learn to take care of yourself and build your own energy field while also being a healing presence for others
  • Practice sending healing energy to others
  • Receive messages from your higher self
  • Communicate with another person’s higher self to resolve conflict and reinforce the healing process

Strengthen Your Natural Healing Abilities

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Empower Your Intuitive Capacity

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Become a Healing Presence That Transforms Your World

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Regular Price – $250

Early Bird 20% Off


This workshop is for you if…

  • You want to have a stronger connection between your spiritual and human life
  • You want to be a healing presence for others without getting drained
  • You want to discover your natural healing abilities and learn how to use them for yourself and others
  • You want to learn how to work with energy to sustain a higher quality of life
  • You’re willing to do your inner work

Why I’m Doing This Workshop

I’m an energy healer from way back. In the early 2000’s, I was passionate about teaching a modality known as Quantum Touch. Then I burned out and I stopped. In the years since, I’ve recovered and thrived by developing a strong alignment with my natural vitality, spiritual connection, and innate abilities. Now I’m ready to share some of my processes with you.

My personal team of high level healers in spirit have impressed upon me the urgency of our time. Moving forward, our thriving depends upon the ability to live from our natural vitality and use our gifts at the highest level. This is what I’m here to facilitate. And the time is now.

Why You Want to Do This Workshop

You’re living in a time of unprecedented change that’s accompanied by much turbulence. You don’t want to be caught up in the turmoil. You want to be a clear beacon of light and an unshakeable presence in the midst of chaos.

You’re waking up to the power of your energetic alignment and spiritual connection and you want to use your powers to navigate the shift into a life and world that’s better than what you see.

You’ve tried many things that perhaps used to work in another time. But times have changed. You know this deep inside and want to upgrade your energy system to navigate the challenges of this time.

Workshop Features

  • Tools, techniques, and energy activations to open up and elevate the power of your natural healing abilities
  • Interactive exercises to reinforce what you learn
  • 4+ hours (in 2 parts) of live instruction and facilitation
  • Time in between meetings to practice on your own
  • Video recordings of the workshop meetings
  • Access to the light beings who work with me and want to work with you

How You Benefit

By the end of this two part workshop you will be able to…

  • Energize and revitalize your body without a lot of fancy equipment and tools
  • Connect with your higher self and receive guidance that enhances your life
  • Hold higher levels of light… which could show up as increased intuition, more creativity, deeper spiritual connection, deeper insights about yourself and others, meaningful personal transformation and manifestations
  • Send healing energy to others without draining yourself
  • Do your grocery shopping without being totally wiped out

The Format

A Two Part Live Interactive Workshop via Zoom

Part 1 – Activate the Physical and Energy Bodies

Our Focus

Exercises to wake up the physical and energy bodies to hold more light

Guidance to raise your energy and consciousness to higher levels

Fun explorations in how to modulate energy with visualization, breath, and color

Practices to send healing energy to others

Part 2 – Activate the Higher Self Connection

Our Focus

Understanding who your higher self is and isn’t

Channeled activations to release the blocks to connecting with your higher self

Exercises to communicate with your higher self

Practices to communicate with the another person’s higher self


Regular Price – $250

Early Bird 20% Off



What People Say

“A huge AHA for me was that there is a lot inside of me and what I can do to activate my inner alchemy. Loved that! … and how powerful my intuition is for me.”



What People Say

“(Sandy)… is organized and focused and really makes you feel like she’s your personal spiritual support system.”


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