Advanced Human Design Consultations

You’ve been experimenting with your strategy and authority. Now you’re ready to look at the advanced details of your chart because this will bring more enlightenment onto your path and ease to your journey.

My style with advanced readings is eclectic, intuitive, and problem-solving in nature. Your session evolves according to your questions and what needs to be revealed in the moment to you as we converse. I often have intuitive insights as I look at your chart. This guides me to help you unlock some truth that you have not yet seen about yourself. Many people report that they are somehow activated by the information and the way that’s presented. While they often have aha moments within the session, their personal insights continue to unfold over time.

Here are some topics that we can focus upon during an advanced consultation. These are the most common areas that people want to explore. If you have other concerns or questions that aren’t addressed in these readings, and you want to know if Human Design can shed some light, please feel free to contact me with your questions.

  • Life Purpose – A look at the most prominent themes of your chart and how they support your life purpose.
  • Relationships – Understand the influences that other people have on you and how you can create more ease in your relationships. 
  • Life-Cycle Transitions – When turning 30, 40, and 50 and 3 months before each birthday
  • Business and Career – How to live from your design and have a fulfilling business or career

Where to Start

New Clients – who haven’t had a Human Design reading

New Clients – who have had a Human Design reading with someone else and want to work with me

Returning Clients – we’ve worked together within the past 12 months and you want to schedule a follow up

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