Soul Healing and Alignment

Heal What Holds You Back at the Soul-Level

Pre-requisite: Human Design and Soul Design Consultations



What keeps you from using your gifts to be empowered and prosper?

When you’re ready to step into a bigger version of yourself, the old patterns that you’ve become accustomed to reveal themselves for healing, release, and alignment. Choices that you or your ancestors made in this life and others, hold you in an invisible matrix that you’re now ready to resolve.

Your initial Soul-Level Healing and Clearing Session brings to light and helps dissolve those patterns that have blocked you from knowing yourself as a divine being and living accordingly. It clears the energy of the most pressing issues that reveal themselves. And it restores your connection to Divine source.

Subsequent sessions address specific issues that come to your awareness as you emerge and evolve into a more empowered Divine human being.

Research in the Akashic Records

I use a meditative process and a logical system of questioning to determine the primary issues that need to be cleared.

Recorded Energy Reading and Healing Session

This is your personal channeled message and guided healing process.

3 Live Meetings

We meet once before the recorded reading to align you with the process. We meet twice after, to integrate the energetic shifts into your life.

You’re not meant to suffer and be unfulfilled, but the karma of past negative choices can cloud your ability to take empowered action now. When you understand how past choices are impacting your life today, you can take conscious steps to release, heal and realign with a higher version of the life you came here to live.

Sounds easy right? And you’re probably wondering, “if it’s really that easy, why haven’t I been able to do this for myself?”

Most likely you’ve done a lot of healing work and you still feel hindered in some way from living what you feel is true about you. Well, you can’t see what you can’t see. Often, the source of an issue is buried in the deep past of your soul history and ancestry. If you’ve been dealing with patterns and themes that seem to persist no matter what you do to correct them, odds are that you haven’t yet gotten to the source.

When you undo the karma of past negative choices at its source, you receive the fuel you need to change the pattern in your current life situation.

You are a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being who can draw upon your rich soul history, divine gifts, and the energy from the source of creation to bring your current life experience to new heights. A Soul-Level Healing and Clearing Session activates a deeper relationship with your multidimensional essence, and it gives you the healing, clearing, and energy tools that you can use to unblock yourself and move your life forward.

Do You Need This?

You feel stuck in one or more areas of your life.

Something feels off or disconnected within you and it’s keeping you from showing up as your best self.

You have intuitive gifts that you’re afraid to use and you want to clear up what’s keeping you from bringing them out.

You want to work with your soul consciousness and your higher self in a more intimate way.

You want to be more attuned to your inner guidance.

You would like to get esoteric, energetic support for your life and business.

Are You Ready?

You’re actively doing your own personal growth work and want to take it to the next level.

You’re working with your Human Design blueprint and want to feel more empowered by it. 

You’re ready to clear out anything that’s keeping you from living life at a higher level.

You take 100% responsibility for the way you live your life and the outcomes you produce.

This Work is NOT for You if…

You have a serious medical, psychological, financial or business issue that requires professional attention by an expert in that field.

Ready to Proceed?

The Details


  • Make sense of baffling self-defeating patterns that haven’t been explained by anything else.
  • Make better choices from a place of spiritual clarity.
  • Feel lighter and more at ease with yourself as you resolve old issues that were running your life from the background.
  • Reclaim your power to heal your life and release those things that aren’t in your highest good.
  • Know what it’s like to be deeply embraced by the divine energies that surround you.
  • Get a glimpse of the richness and vastness of your soul history.
  • Strengthen your spiritual connection and intuition
  • Infuse your daily life with new energy and understanding about who you really are.
  • Release patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Be supported by someone who truly sees you.

Features and Steps

  1. Order your session and complete a brief questionnaire.
  2. Attend an initial consultation – 50 minute Zoom meeting – Review your soul and human design attributes, assess your current issues, and establish practices to support the healing work.
  3. Receive a recorded channeled reading and healing session from the Akashic records. – Get information about the blocks and restrictions that were cleared. Receive guidance and energy work from my energetic team of spiritual healers. (This type of healing transcends time and space. You’re asked to go through the recording and consciously integrate the energetic shifts that happened.)
  4. Attend a live integration session – 50 minute Zoom meeting – Discuss the energetic shifts from the healing session. Identify the actions to take to integrate those shifts into your daily life.
  5. Implementation follow up – 50 minute Zoom meeting – Evaluate your progress and establish your next steps.

The Akashic records is a consciousness field that holds the history of your soul throughout all of its incarnations. When I work in the Akashic records for the purposes of healing and clearing the soul record, I invoke high level energies and guides who assist in channeling pure, positive energy from source.

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