Achieve Your Goals With Confidence

Even if you’re overwhelmed and can’t figure out what you want

I see you sitting there with notes, ideas and dreams that haven’t yet come true, Visionary…

Goals can be tricky when you’re a sensitive, creative, introvert.

You’ve done all of the alignment work to realize your dreams.

✅ You journal and meditate to get in touch with your vision.

Your vision isn’t clear and you’re confused.

✅ You listen to your body and follow your Human Design strategy

You still don’t know what actions to take that will bring the results you want without burning out and getting out of balance.

✅ You carefully make plans

They don’t seem to go anywhere. You can’t get out of the planning stage and take any effective action.

✅ You try to take aligned action when inspired

Nothing seems to stick for very long and then you feel stuck and get discouraged.

You know that the typical hustle, grind, go-hard approach doesn’t work for you.

So you’re left asking…

How do I set and achieve goals in a way that really works for me?

You know in your heart what your soul really wants but your body can’t seem to get you there.

If you’re not achieving your goals, here’s what’s really going on…

You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

There is a logical chain of connections that take your idea from a goal into reality. Some links in the chain seem like a mystery until you uncover them and put them into a strong foundation for success.

You’ve tried so much and maybe failed a lot. You hesitate to take another risk.

If you’ve made unfruitful efforts in the past, you may not feel so confident about your ability to realize your dreams.

Your approach feels off and inauthentic.

You want to stay true to yourself but you feel like you have to abandon that path when you try to achieve your goals. You know there’s a more aligned way but you’re not sure what that is.

You don’t have enough of the right kind of support.

You feel like you’re operating in a vacuum or that there’s something lacking in you that blocks you from your goals. You question whether you’re in the right place, with the right people, or if you have what it takes to bring your dreams to life.

If you were nodding your head or saying “mm hmm” to any of the above then you’re ready to find your solution.


Goal Setting From Your Soul

Create an authentic goal achievement process that works for who you are.

A 6 Week Group Program

Develop your unique repeatable process for achieving your goals every single time.

Six 90 Minute Group Meetings on Zoom

Clarifying Exercises * Group Support * Enlightening Information to help you develop your personal goal achievement process.

  1. Find your Point of leverage for making progress that moves you forward. You can make progress toward your dream, even if you don’t know where to start. Learn a process that shows you where to focus your attention to get your energy moving in the right direction.
  2. Distill your dream into doable pieces.  Learn how to lay out small actions that ultimately lead you to the fulfillment of your big vision. Avoid overwhelm and stay on course.
  3. Achieve goals & milestones your soul’s way. Work with your personal shift coordinates from key aspects of your Human Design, Soul Design, and 7th Dimensional Manifesting Blueprint. Translate your shift coordinates into a meaningful approach that gets your energy moving toward your goals.
  4. Get support on clinic day. A lot has happened up to this point. Get clarity. Iron out your action steps. Discuss your personal concerns about setting and achieving your goals. Get support from others.
  5. Deal with resistance and setbacks. Develop strategies to deal with the inevitable resistance and setbacks that come up when making real progress in your life.
  6. Implement your personal soul-aligned success system. Summarize what you learned about your personal goal achievement process into a plan for implementation that you can follow every time you uplevel your life.

Private Q&A

  • Meet one-on-one with me to talk about your goals.
  • Clarify your personal shift coordinates as they pertain to your unique goals.
  • Identify where you need to focus (based on where you are with the information that’s being presented in the program) to get the most from your experience.

Soul Powered Progress Mastermind

By completing this program, you qualify to apply for the Soul Powered Progress Mastermind.

This mastermind values gentleness, uniqueness and cultivates the balance between space and support that introverts need to make real progress.

This Program is Right for You if…

You have more than one notebook full of ideas that you haven’t implemented.


You get overwhelmed about where to start with the ideas in your notebooks and you just give up.


You easily forget your goals and get distracted.


You feel bad about yourself because you haven’t gotten what you want from life.


All of the methods you’ve tried haven’t yielded stable results.


You’re always starting over, scratching your plans, and changing your mind before you see real results.


You’re afraid to commit to a goal because you don’t want to get stuck with something you don’t want.

How would you feel if you could count on a personal unique process for setting and achieving your goals?

01. Empowered

Take charge of the steps you take to fulfill your personal destiny.

06. Fulfilled

Satisfy your heart and soul’s deepest desires as you achieve what’s most meaningful to you.

05. Successful

Flourish, grow, and feel accomplished as you bring your dreams to life.

02. Courageous

Be rewarded for the risks you take to move your life forward.

03. Confident

Take your next steps with the trust that you are going to succeed.

04. Wise

Know what’s the best use of your energy and time and let the rest go.

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