Embrace Your True Genius for Business and Career

Human Design consultations for entrepreneurial and career exploration

You can advance your entrepreneurial business or your corporate career when you know who you are, why you’re here, and how to leverage your energy to shine brightly in the world. Your true genius is encoded within you, and it’s waiting to emerge. I use and eclectic mix of traditional Human Design guidance, combined with advanced Human Design software from 64keys.com to reveal your inner genius in business, work, and career.

Your Initial Consultation

  • Reveals many key aspects of how you’re designed to work successfully in the world.
  • Helps you make sense of your next career steps.
  • You discover how to optimize your approach to your work so that your true genius shines through.

We meet via a recorded Zoom call that you can keep to review after the consultation.

Follow Up Support:

  • Receive reflection questions after your consultation to integrate what you learned about yourself. Track your questions and your progress.
  • Attend a brief check-in session several weeks after your consultation to get your questions answered and fine-tune your approach to your career.

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