Clear Concise Guidance About Your Human Design Chart

Cut Through the Confusion

A Human Design reading quickly and easily clarifies what you need to know right now about your design.

Personalized Sessions

Your reading addresses your most pressing issues while also covering the main aspects of your chart that you need to know.

Experienced Professional

Sandy has done professional readings since 2013. She continually studies and upgrades her skills to provide the best service.

Human Design Readings

Start Where You Are

We’ll start where you are. Whether you’re a beginner who’s just learning about your Human Design chart or you’ve had a reading and want to go deeper, you will get the information and guidance you need.

All new clients (meaning, you haven’t worked with me in the past 12 months) start with the same reading package that’s tailored to your individual needs and desires.

Your package contains:

  • Initial One hour live Zoom consultation
  • Supporting resources as appropriate
  • Optional half hour follow-up (additional price)

After your initial Human Design consultation, you’ll earn “returning client status” and will get access to various types of services and packages which will deepen your journey into your human and soul designs in a more customized way.

What We Can Explore

You can use your initial Human Design consultation to explore these topics. Emphasis is always on practical application in your daily life…

  • Get a good foundational understanding of your energy type, strategy, authority, profile, gates, channels, and energy centers. (This is where all beginners start)
  • If you’re not new to Human Design but you’re new to working with me, we can explore a number of advanced topics to support your Human Design experiment.

Life Path / Incarnation Cross

Mentoring to Deepen Your Experiment

Business and Career

Relationship (one other person’s chart, with only you present at the meeting. More extensive consultations for relationships and family are a separate service)


“Sandy, thank you for the amazing reading! As a total newbie to Human Design, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the information online. But you made it clear and personal. Loved it!”

Linda N.

Web Designer

“Of all of (the people who have given me Human Design readings through the years), I felt that Sandy described Human Design in the most easy to understand and interesting way for me.”

George Kao

Authentic Business Coach

(Sandy) helped me make sense of something I had been challenged by all of my life”

Anne E.

Personal Development Coach

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Returning Clients: Go HERE!


Our first meeting is where we dig into your chart and your questions so that you get the insights you’re looking for.

We meet by Zoom. You get a recording.

You can get a half hour follow-up meeting to ask questions, share insights, and establish your next steps.

Zoom recording provided.

Some Examples:

  • Pertinent for your type of reading
  • Further study suggestions as needed
  • Other types of resources that come up in our conversations.

Returning Client Services

Have we worked together before? Is it time for a check-in to fine tune your Human Design experiment?

Check out this library of services created especially for you.

For returning clients only!

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