Expand Into Your Divine Potential

Intuitive guidance and healing in the Akashic records to free your creative energy at its spiritual source

A Human Design reading is highly suggested before engaging in the services on this page. You can begin your journey here without any knowledge of your Human Design blueprint, but it will eventually become an essential part of our work together as you progress.


Reclaim Your Power to Fulfill Your Soul-Driven Purpose

Guidance and Healing from the Akashic Records

Expand your understanding of your spiritual nature via the Akashic records. See into your soul and unlock your potential at the deepest level.

What Is the Akashic Records?

The Akashic records is a consciousness field that holds the history of your soul throughout all of its incarnations.

The work done on your behalf is always purposeful and supportive of your spiritual expansion in a practical and balanced way.

Does this sound like you?

  • You know you’re here to make a difference in the world and you’ve done a ton of work on yourself to grow and evolve. But there’s a block between who you know yourself to be and how you show up in the world.
  • You’re waking up to your true nature. But the life you’re living doesn’t measure up to the life you know you can have.
  • You struggle to know exactly how to use your gifts to make the most difference and prosper at the same time.
  • You wish you could get guidance from someone who can see all aspects of you and your situation and help you to make sense of your life from both a spiritual and human perspective.
  • You’ve been doing your Human Design experiment for a while and you feel deflated and lost about how to create real results in your material life.

Start Here

Soul Design Consultation

Learn how to work with your soul gifts and characteristics to create more abundance and fulfillment.

Discover who you are at soul level

  • Your soul origins and how that colors your current human life
  • Your soul characteristics and how you may experience them
  • The primary way that your soul is designed to express abundance
  • Your soul’s unique process for making changes that result in the achievement of goals and intentions

Strengthen your spiritual connection

  • Discover what’s consistent, unchanging, and abundant about your soul’s true nature
  • Learn now to draw upon your specific soul characteristics to create more alignment, fulfillment, and abundance in your life
  • Empower yourself with the specifics of how you are here to live as a spiritual being having an awesome human experience

Other Soul Expansion Services

Start with a Soul Design Consultation and add other services as you grow


Soul Healing and Clearing in the Akashic Records

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Spirit Guide Connection

Guidance and Mentoring

silhouette of woman raising her right hand

Mentoring for Empaths and Spiritual Seekers

Free Your Creative Energy to Fulfill Your Soul’s Calling

Understand Your Divine Nature

You’re meant to wake up to your power and free yourself to be the individual you’re designed to be.

When you know who you are and how you’re created to use your power, you become unstoppable.

Make Choices That Honor Who You Really Are

You’re not meant to suffer and be unfulfilled. When you understand what choices you’ve made that hinder the expression of your Soul’s true expression, you can deliberately make different choices that turn your life around.

Free Yourself to Live Your Divine Potential

When you undo the karma of past negative choices you receive the fuel you need to live fully as the powerful Divine being who’s fulfilling the highest expression of your Human Design blueprint.


“(Sandy) has this unique way of bridging the 3D (real) world with all the spiritual aspects that surround me. She delivers and triggers great insights – kind of opening up potentials which I haven’t noticed before…”

lot of yellow lighted bulbs
Michael G.


“Sandy is amazing. She tailors each session by asking what it is you need at the start of the session. She is organized and focused and really makes you feel like she’s your personal spiritual support system… (she’s) genuinely invested in you getting the information you’re looking for and helping you interpret that information in a way that allows you to take actionable steps to improve your life.

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Shelley B.

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