How to Work With Sandy

Are you new to my services? Ready to meet with me one on one? Order one of these packages to get started.

Note for New Clients

All new clients start with the either the Soul Design (akashic record) or Human Design reading package. Each package is tailored to your individual needs, desires, and experience level. After our initial work together, you’ll earn “returning client status” and will get access to various types of services and packages which will deepen your journey into your human and soul designs in a more customized way.

Which package is best for me?

If you’re brand new to Human Design or still need some guidance about your strategy and authority, start with Human Design. We always circle back to your Human Design blueprint because this is the most practical way to understand when and how to share your soul level gifts with others.

If you’ve been experimenting with your Human Design strategy and authority for a while… maybe 2-3 years into your experiment (just a recommendation, not a requirement) and you want to understand yourself from a higher perspective, you would benefit from looking at your Soul Design via the akashic records. We discuss your soul origins, divine gifts, primary guide, and the most practical actions to take to get in the flow of your divine spiritual nature.

Contact Me with questions if you’re still now sure about how to proceed.

Note for Returning Clients

Have we worked together in the past 12 months? Is it time for a check-in or upgrade? Single sessions and multiple session packages are available.

Use your private sessions for…

  • Human Design Consultations
  • Soul Design (akashic records) Consultations
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Request your returning client private session request form HERE.

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