When Informing Brings Up Anger – What’s a Human Design Manifestor to Do?

sandy · August 3, 2017

Human Design Manifestors are told that their lives will be more peaceful when they inform before they taking action. But what happens when informing others actually creates anger and tension?

This is a common issue among female manifestors (and some males) who really desire to keep the peace.

Here is a question about this topic that was asked by a female Manifestor, along with my response…


I find myself not informing people about what I am doing because it’s something they’re not comfortable with. When I inform it tends to piss people off. Can you clarify how NOT informing people can create tension?

It seems it still creates tension when I inform people of most things.


One of the hardest things for Manifestors (especially female manifestors) to embrace is their power to be assertive and take the initiative. Females, in general, are trained and conditioned to try to make others happy, even if it means that they compromise themselves. This doesn’t work for anyone, and especially not for someone like you whose energy dictates that they must be free to take action when the time is right, regardless of what everyone else thinks you should do.

When you come across people who live in a paradigm of control, they may want to control you. You’re inevitably going to piss them off when you are acting on your own accord. Be sure that this is a person whom you’re truly here to impact before informing them. Remember that these are the essential people that you need to inform. This will help you conserve your energy for your big pushes forward.

Your concern about how others that you inform can get angry is very common. There is a tendency among Manifestors to conceal their moves because of this fear. It’s better if you don’t hide. It takes a lot of energy to hide your intentions or to try to conform to others expectations.

Remember that you are meant to experience peace as you move through your life unimpeded. If other people feel threatened by that it’s really not your problem. Be your powerful assertive self. Keep the peace by letting them know what’s going on. If they don’t like it because they’re trying to control you, keep moving.


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